Remembering Neil

Our Annual Pilgrimage to Whistler Peak to release rose petals where Neil’s ashes were scattered. These are Neil’s family and friends.

We also like to visit House Rock – a large rock overlooking the beautiful rushing Cheakamus River south of Whistler Village. Neil’s memorial plaque is mounted on the rock along with other young Whistler adventurers who have lost their lives in the mountains, the rivers and the wilderness. Neil’s plaque was mounted in this magnificent mountain environment just 2 days prior to what would have been his 33rd birthday. Gary Ozawa plays the bagpipes.



House Rock can be reached by turning east at Function Junction (a stop-light intersection at the south end of Whistler) and following the road over a small bridge. A marked dirt road to the left just beyond the bridge leads to a parking area.  From there follow the trail to the right along the river. A couple of minutes along the trail (and just before the trail leads back to the road) make your way down to the river.  It is a very peaceful place to sit and remember and imagine why Neil, Kim, Steve, Trevor, Brett and their many friends have been so drawn to and challenged by the mountains and wilderness of B.C.