Scholarship Recipients

Neil Falkner Outward Bound Memorial Fund – Scholarships

Here are some pictures from the expeditions that Meliss (Sunshine Coast) and Jada (East Vancouver) got to go on last summer.





Kimberley Connors (left) 2005 scholarship recipient

Jeremy McElroy 2004 scholarship recipient.
Cisca Harrison, 2003 scholarship recipient

2010 Sea to Sky scholarship went to Alby Nelson and Lenora Wells

Xit’olacw Community School (Mt. Currie) Grade 10 students Alby Nelson and Lenora Wells are the 2010 recipients of Neil’s legacy.

2009 Britannia Secondary School scholarship went to Cosima Curtis-Vanhinsburg.

The plaque is presented by Jennie Wild.

2008 Britannia Secondary School scholarship went to Tony Xie.

Tony holds the plaque with Principal Bev Seed (left) and Judy Lynne (right).

2008 Sea to Sky scholarship went to Zoe Shannos of the Xit’olacw Community School in Mount Currie.

Zoe holds the plaque with Chief Leonard Andrew and Judy Lynne.

2007 Scholarship Recipient Mary Ellen Peters, Pemberton Secondary School

Mary Ellen holds letter of congratulations from the Neil Falkner Scholarship Committee at her school’s awards night, June 2007

2007 Scholarship Recipient Sheyla Ventura, Britannia High School

Scott Falkner with Sheyla Ventura on the night of her scholarship award at Britannia High School.

2006 Scholarship Recipients Brian Hill, Britannia High School & Geoffrey McLeod, Pemberton Secondary School

Geoffrey McLeod stands with Dave Smith on the night of his scholarship award at  Pemberton Secondary School.

Brian Hill stands with Lucy Falkner on the night of his scholarship award at Britannia High School.

Thanks to the Neil Falkner Foundation

2009 Britannia recipient Cosima Curtis-Vanhinsberg

I would like to give my utmost gratitude to all of the Neil Falkner Outward Bound Memorial Scholarship Supporters.

I know I have acquired many things from this journey, some of them being impressive calf muscles, the courage to yell at people in other tents at night to be quiet because you are trying to sleep, the masochistic urge to go backpacking again, tanned knees, … being able to effectively pack a giant backpack, tolerance for being surrounded by testosterone, a nice big cut on my leg from a log in the middle of the trail and many other things that I probably haven’t realized yet.

Thank you for making it possible for me to have this unique and challenging experience.

Cosima Curtis-Vanhinsberg


2006 Britannia recipient Brian Hill

Dear Ms. Lynne,

I would like to thank you and the Neil Falkner Scholarship Committee for giving me the Outward Bound Memorial Scholarship Award.

The Outward Bound Course was an amazing experience for me and I met some amazing people on the course too. I experienced some things for the first time in my life, such as not taking a shower for 21 days, sleeping on snow and rocks, which I might say were some of the best sleeps I ever had, and I would gladly like to experience them again.

I did not know what to expect from this course but once I left, I left a different person. It changed me by me discovering how fast I can connect to a group of people and by me knowing the leadership skills that I have and it made them better. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to go on the Outward Bound course.

Brian Hill


2005 Britannia recipients Kimberley Connors & Evan Flann

I’m writing this to thank you.

I went to Outward Bound nervous and even slightly scared about being in the back and struggling to keep up. I really didn’t think I would get anything out of this adventure…but I did. On the first day of hiking it was hot, my bag was heavy and I was tired. I fell to the ground, mind set on giving up, but the team helped me get up and keep going. When I made it to our first camp, I was in pain, I had three hotspots and a blister, but I felt great.

The next day was a peak day. I looked at the peak and said “I’m not climbing that”, so I did. I was in the back and struggling once again, but I made it up to the top of the summit and had a nap. The days went by, my 45 pound bag felt like nothing and I was happy. One of the days I had to lead the group and it was hard. Then I thought “If it is this hard to lead for a day then how hard would it be leading a whole group?” I gained a new respect for Nevada and Diego, our instructors!

Thank you so much! I’m even coming back next summer.

P.S. If you want to know what I gained from this trip I will tell you – physical fitness, respect, friends and team work. I also learned how to read a map!


Kimberly Connors


2005 Whistler recipient Evan Flann

I’m writing to tell you that I had a great time this summer on my Outward Bound program. It was a great experience for me and I enjoyed it very much. For most of the trip it was very sunny and warm. I liked that because it made a good learning environment for me to learn about the wilderness and plants and animals, and how to use an ice axe. The best part of the program to me was definitely the solo. It was nice to be out alone in the sun.

I would definitely do this again, just maybe in a different area for a shorter time. Thank you very much for this great opportunity.


Evan F.


Previous recipients’ comments to supporters of the scholarship fund:

Jeremy McElroy, Britannia, 2004

“As the rain pours down around me, my spirits are not dampened in the slightest because I am in one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen.…thanks to you.

…the English language can’t come even close to portraying fully how thankful I am to have been given the opportunity to experience this. I have climbed mountains, scaled cliffs, trudged through marshes …and in the process have come to learn more about myself than I ever thought possible…

…Having never climbed a mountain before, this was quite an experience for me, and again, I thank you immensely for giving me the chance to experience that, the rush of standing on top of that mountain was one of the most exhilarating and rewarding experiences ever…

Once again, I am eternally grateful for all the time and effort you have all put into giving me the chance to experience this. From the bottom of my heart – Thank you”.

Cisca Harrison, Britannia, 2003

“…My life has changed incredibly since the (Outward Bound) experience. I cannot wait to congratulate the next scholarship recipient and begin to imagine the significant changes he/she will go through.

… I do know that for myself the Outward Bound challenge has brought me to a new understanding of life.

… I would not have gone through such an incredible journey if it were not for the many people and organizations who contributed to the fund. A special thanks to Whistler-Blackcomb, where Neil had been a ski patroller, for their generous help in getting the fund going.

…There is nothing more satisfying than an opportunity such as this, where there is a possibility for a person’s life to actively change for the better”

July 2006 “I got [a] job at Taiga based on my Outward Bound experience… and believe me it has helped SO much. Everyday I talk about that adventure like it was yesterday.

“About 3 weeks ago I helped a really nervous mother pick out over-mitts for her daughter who is going to do the exact expedition that I was sent on. She was so worried about her daughter’s well being on the trip and it felt so rewarding to put her at ease. I got to tell her about all the safety measures they took and how focused they are on safety. She was WAY more enthralled and relaxed about her daughter’s trip by the time she left the store.

“So my AMAZING full-time summer job (part-time during school come September) would never have happened without the experience you gave me. It really is the scholarship that keeps on giving.”